Bankstown, NSW Fuel: Where you can get fuel from 167.5 cents

Hello, Bankstown motorists! FuelRadar is back with the most recent fuel price update to help you discover the best deals in your area. Check out the wallet-friendly options for various fuel types that will keep you cruising without breaking the bank.

FuelRadar’s Budget-Friendly Fuel Prices (as of 31/07/2023):

  1. METRO SUNNYHOLT RD BLACKTOWN – LPG: 79.9 Cents per Liter

Fuel up with LPG at METRO SUNNYHOLT RD BLACKTOWN, offering a budget-friendly price of 79.9 cents per liter.

  1. Powerfuel – E10: 167.5 Cents per Liter

For E10 drivers, Powerfuel provides a wallet-friendly option at 167.5 cents per liter. Enjoy economical refueling without compromise.

  1. TEMCO Petroleum – Unleaded 91: 168.4 Cents per Liter

TEMCO Petroleum offers Unleaded 91 at an attractive price of 168.4 cents per liter, catering to drivers seeking an economical choice.

  1. Powerfuel – Diesel: 172.5 Cents per Liter

Diesel drivers can take advantage of Powerfuel’s budget-friendly offering at 172.5 cents per liter.

  1. APW – Premium Diesel: 172.5 Cents per Liter

FuelRadar’s price update reveals Premium Diesel priced at 172.5 cents per liter at APW, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious drivers.

  1. Powerfuel – Premium 95: 181.5 Cents per Liter

For those who prefer Premium 95, Powerfuel offers a competitive price of 181.5 cents per liter.

  1. Costco Casula (Members only) – Premium 98: 188.7 Cents per Liter

If you’re a Costco member, you can fuel up with Premium 98 at a budget-friendly price of 188.7 cents per liter.

  1. Speedway Granville – Ethanol 105: 208.5 Cents per Liter

Ethanol 105 is priced at 208.5 cents per liter at Speedway Granville, offering an option for eco-conscious drivers.

  1. Independent Marrickville – Biodiesel 20: 234.9 Cents per Liter

For eco-friendly fueling, Independent Marrickville offers Biodiesel 20 at 234.9 cents per liter.

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Discover Budget-Friendly Fueling in Bankstown:

Explore budget-friendly fuel options in Bankstown with FuelRadar’s latest update. Fill up wisely and drive confidently on your next journey!

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