Cheapest Fuel Prices in the Gold Coast on FuelRadar

Gold Coast, QLD – Cheapest Fuel Prices (06/10/2023)

Fuel TypePetrol StationPrice (cents per litre)
LPGHope Energy Coolangatta104.9
E10Costco Fuel Gold Coast184.7
UnleadedPearl Energy Pimpama186.7
Premium 95Pearl Energy Pimpama199.7
Premium 98Costco Fuel Gold Coast205.7
Premium DieselCostco Fuel Gold Coast210.7
DieselPearl Energy Pimpama214.7

For the most up-to-date fuel prices in the Gold Coast area, FuelRadar is your go-to resource. As of today (06/10/2023), we have compiled the most competitive prices available for various fuel types. Whether you require LPG, E10, Unleaded, Premium 95, Premium 98, Premium Diesel, or Diesel fuel, we have you covered.

The cheapest LPG can be found at Hope Energy Coolangatta, where the price stands at 104.9 cents per litre. For E10 fuel, Costco Fuel Gold Coast offers the lowest price at 184.7 cents per litre. Pearl Energy Pimpama leads in providing the most affordable Unleaded fuel at 186.7 cents per litre, as well as the cheapest Premium 95 fuel at 199.7 cents per litre. Costco Fuel Gold Coast, on the other hand, offers the most competitive prices for Premium 98 fuel and Premium Diesel at 205.7 cents per litre and 210.7 cents per litre, respectively. Lastly, Pearl Energy Pimpama has the lowest price for Diesel fuel at 214.7 cents per litre.

To ensure you find the best fuel prices anytime, we recommend using the FuelRadar app available at With our app, you can easily locate the nearest petrol stations and discover the most cost-effective fuel options, saving you time and money on your travels.

FuelRadar strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information on fuel prices across Australia. For any queries or feedback, please contact us through our official website. Remember, when looking for the most affordable fuel in the Gold Coast area, count on FuelRadar.

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