Cheapest Fuel Prices on FuelRadar: Gold Coast’s Current Rates

Gold Coast Fuel Prices – 07/10/2023

Looking for the cheapest fuel prices in the Gold Coast, QLD area? FuelRadar has got you covered! Here are the latest prices in cents per litre for different fuel types available at various petrol stations in the Gold Coast:

Petrol StationFuel TypePrice (c/Litre)
Hope Energy CoolangattaLPG104.9
Costco Fuel Gold CoastE10183.7
United PimpamaUnleaded186.7
United PimpamaPremium Unleaded 95199.7
Costco Fuel Gold CoastPremium Unleaded 98205.7
Costco Fuel Gold CoastPremium Diesel210.7
Pearl Energy PimpamaDiesel214.7

These prices are subject to change. To find the best fuel prices anytime, we recommend using the FuelRadar app. By using our app, you can easily compare prices across different petrol stations and find the cheapest option near you. Download the FuelRadar app now for Android and iOS devices at

FuelRadar is committed to helping you save money on fuel. With our extensive database and user-friendly interface, you can always find the most affordable fuel prices in your area. Start using FuelRadar today and enjoy savings every time you fill up your tank!

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