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Welcome to our fuel selection page for the Gold Coast! The Gold Coast is a stunning coastal region known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cityscape, and exciting attractions. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, finding the cheapest fuel options can help you make the most of your time here.

To discover the cheapest fuel stations in the Gold Coast, simply choose your preferred fuel type from the options below. Select the fuel type that matches your vehicle’s requirements and your budget. We will provide you with a list of the most affordable fuel stations offering your preferred fuel type in the Gold Coast area.

By selecting the best-priced fuel stations, you can save money on your refueling expenses, leaving you with more to spend on enjoying the stunning beaches, exploring the local attractions, and indulging in the vibrant Gold Coast lifestyle.

Fuel Prices

Today's Best Fuel Prices for Gold Coast, QLD (4217)

LogoFuel TypePriceService StationDateCoordinates
Freedom Fuels LPG109.7 Freedom Fuels Hope Island
(18 Broadwater Av)
09/12/2023 (-27.878051, 153.373616)
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Costco E10170.7 Costco Fuel Gold Coast
(47 Creek Road)
09/12/2023 (-27.850628536051, 153.31437851324)
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United Unleaded175.5 United Merrimac
(112 Gooding Drive)
09/12/2023 (-28.046062, 153.367453)
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7 Eleven Premium 95187.9 7-Eleven Worongary
(2 Elysium Road)
09/12/2023 (-28.033095, 153.353018)
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Costco Premium Diesel190.7 Costco Fuel Gold Coast
(47 Creek Road)
09/12/2023 (-27.850628536051, 153.31437851324)
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Costco Premium 98190.7 Costco Fuel Gold Coast
(47 Creek Road)
09/12/2023 (-27.850628536051, 153.31437851324)
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Ampol Diesel191.9 Ampol Canungra
(6 Christie Street)
09/12/2023 (-28.016489, 153.161653)
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