Where to Find the Cheapest Fuel in Clarence Valley, NSW

Date: 07/01/2024

Location: Clarence Valley, NSW

Fuel Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
United Petroleum Grafton South LPG 119.9c
United Petroleum Grafton South E10 173.9c
United Petroleum Grafton South Unleaded 91 175.9c
Independent Liberty South Grafton Premium 95 190.5c
United Petroleum Grafton South Premium 98 196.9c
BP Tornik Diesel 197.9c
Flinders Island Fuel Premium Diesel 199.9c

If you’re looking for the best fuel prices in Clarence Valley, NSW, FuelRadar has got you covered. Here are the current fuel prices in cents per litre for the area:

  • United Petroleum Grafton South:
    LPG – 119.9c, E10 – 173.9c, Unleaded 91 – 175.9c, Premium 98 – 196.9c
  • Independent Liberty South Grafton:
    Premium 95 – 190.5c
  • BP Tornik:
    Diesel – 197.9c
  • Flinders Island Fuel:
    Premium Diesel – 199.9c

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