Today’s date: 12/01/2024
Location: Clarence Valley, NSW

Cheapest Fuel Prices in Clarence Valley, NSW

Petrol Station Price (cents per litre) Fuel Type
United Petroleum Grafton South 119.9 LPG
EG Ampol Grafton 171.9 E10
EG Ampol Grafton 173.9 Unleaded 91
Independent Liberty South Grafton 187.5 Premium 95
BP Tornik 192.9 Diesel
BP Tornik 194.9 Premium 98
EG Ampol Grafton 198.9 Premium Diesel

Looking for the cheapest fuel prices in the Clarence Valley, NSW area? Look no further! FuelRadar has got you covered. Here are the current fuel prices in cents per litre for the various fuel types available:

– LPG: 119.9c at United Petroleum Grafton South
– E10: 171.9c at EG Ampol Grafton
– Unleaded 91: 173.9c at EG Ampol Grafton
– Premium 95: 187.5c at Independent Liberty South Grafton
– Diesel: 192.9c at BP Tornik
– Premium 98: 194.9c at BP Tornik
– Premium Diesel: 198.9c at EG Ampol Grafton

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