22/01/2024 – Clarence Valley, NSW

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
United Petroleum Grafton South LPG 119.9c
BP Tornik E10 170.9c
BP Tornik Unleaded 91 171.9c
BP South Grafton Premium 95 188.9c
BP Tornik Diesel 189.9c
BP Tornik Premium Diesel 191.9c
BP Tornik Premium 98 192.9c

Looking for the cheapest fuel in Clarence Valley, NSW? Look no further! Here are the current fuel prices in the area:

1. United Petroleum Grafton South – LPG: 119.9c

2. BP Tornik – E10: 170.9c

3. BP Tornik – Unleaded 91: 171.9c

4. BP South Grafton – Premium 95: 188.9c

5. BP Tornik – Diesel: 189.9c

6. BP Tornik – Premium Diesel: 191.9c

7. BP Tornik – Premium 98: 192.9c

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