Bankstown, NSW Fuel Prices – Updated as of 29/12/2023

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents/L)
Metro Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown LPG 85.9
Metro Petroleum Macquarie Fields E10 159.5
Metro petroleum Padstow Unleaded 91 161.5
Pag Petroleum Diesel 173.7
Metro Fuel Fairfield Premium Diesel 175.5
Speedway Fairfield Premium 98 184.5

At FuelRadar, we strive to help you find the best fuel prices anytime, anywhere in Bankstown, NSW. Today’s fuel prices in Bankstown are as follows:

– Metro Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown: LPG for 85.9 cents per litre.
– Metro Petroleum Macquarie Fields: E10 for 159.5 cents per litre.
– Metro petroleum Padstow: Unleaded 91 for 161.5 cents per litre.
– APEX PETROLEUM VILLAWOOD: Premium 95 for 173.2 cents per litre.
– Pag Petroleum: Diesel for 173.7 cents per litre.
– Metro Fuel Fairfield: Premium Diesel for 175.5 cents per litre.
– Speedway Fairfield: Premium 98 for 184.5 cents per litre.

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