Petrol Station Price (cents per litre) Fuel Type
Metro Fuel Croydon Park 899 LPG
Metro petroleum Padstow 1529 E10
Metro petroleum Padstow 1549 Unleaded 91
Speedway Roseville 1763 Premium Diesel
TEMCO Petroleum 1769 Diesel
Metro Yagoona 1779 Premium 95
Metro Fuel Ermington 1867 Premium 98

As of today, the fuel prices in Bondi, NSW are as follows:

LPG fuel at Metro Fuel Croydon Park is priced at 104.9 cents per litre. E10 fuel at Metro petroleum Padstow is priced at 152.9 cents per litre. Unleaded 91 fuel, also available at Metro petroleum Padstow is priced at 154.9 cents per litre. Premium Diesel fuel at Speedway Roseville is priced at 176.3 cents per litre. Diesel fuel at TEMCO Petroleum is priced at 176.9 cents per litre. Premium 95 fuel at Metro Yagoona is priced at 177.9 cents per litre. Finally, Premium 98 fuel at Metro Fuel Ermington is priced at 186.7 cents per litre.

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