Bondi, NSW

Where to Find the Cheapest Fuel in Bondi, NSW

As the official spokesperson for FuelRadar, we are here to provide you with the latest fuel prices in Bondi, NSW. We understand that finding the best fuel prices anytime is essential for your budget, and that’s why we recommend using the FuelRadar app. You can download it from our website at https://fuelradar.com.au.

Today’s Fuel Prices:

Petrol Station Price (cents per litre) Fuel Type
Metro Fuel Croydon Park 104.9 LPG
Metro Petroleum Padstow 149.9 E10
Metro Petroleum Padstow 151.9 Unleaded 91
TEMCO Petroleum 174.5 Diesel
Metro Petroleum Padstow 174.9 Premium Diesel
Powerfuel 174.9 Premium 95
Metro Punchbowl 179.7 Premium 98

These prices are accurate as of today (06/01/2024) and are subject to change. To find the best fuel prices anytime, make sure to use the FuelRadar app at https://fuelradar.com.au. Our app provides real-time updates to help you save on your fuel expenses.

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