Today’s Fuel Prices in Bondi, NSW (24/01/2024):

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
Metro Yagoona LPG 79.9c
Metro Revesby West E10 157.5c
Metro Revesby West Unleaded 91 159.5c
TEMCO Petroleum Diesel 172.4c
Metro Yagoona Premium 95 174.5c
Metro Yagoona Premium Diesel 174.7c
TEMCO Petroleum Premium 98 183.3c

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On this date (24/01/2024), we have gathered the current prices for different fuel types in Bondi, NSW. Among the stations, Metro Yagoona, Metro Revesby West, and TEMCO Petroleum are offering competitive prices for LPG, E10, Unleaded 91, Diesel, Premium 95, Premium Diesel, and Premium 98 fuels. To find the specific prices, please refer to the table above.

For your convenience, we have hyperlinked the petrol station names in the table above with the FuelRadar website. Simply click on the station’s name to access more details and directions on our website.

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