17/01/2024 – Byron Bay, NSW

Greetings fuel-seekers of Byron Bay! We, at FuelRadar, are here with the latest update on the cheapest fuel prices in your area. Get ready to fill up your tanks without emptying your wallets! Here’s a breakdown of the current prices in cents per litre:

Petrol Station Price (cents per litre) Fuel Type
EG Ampol Byron Bay 123.9 LPG
Ampol East Ballina 186.7 E10
OTR Pty Ltd 188.9 Unleaded 91
Ampol East Ballina 199.7 Premium 95
Ampol East Ballina 203.7 Premium Diesel
BP Brunswick Heads 205.9 Diesel
OTR Pty Ltd 211.9 Premium 98

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