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Update on Fuel Prices in Dubbo, NSW

Date: 08/12/2023 | Location: Dubbo, NSW

Dear Fuel Radar users,

We are here to provide you with the latest updates on fuel prices in Dubbo, NSW. At FuelRadar, we strive to help you find the best fuel prices anytime and anywhere. Remember, you can always use our FuelRadar app for convenient access to real-time fuel prices in Dubbo.

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
United Dubbo East LPG 114.5
Shell Brocklehurst E10 171.5
United Dubbo East Unleaded 91 174.5
Mobil Dubbo Premium 95 187.5
Shell Tas Petroleum Cambridge (unmanned) Diesel 194.9
Shell Brocklehurst Premium 98 195.5
Mobil Dubbo Premium Diesel 196.5

These are the current fuel prices for the specified stations in Dubbo, NSW. Remember to visit our website or use the FuelRadar app to find the best fuel prices in real-time.

For the cheapest fuel in Dubbo, NSW head to United Dubbo East for LPG priced at 114.5 cents per litre. Shell Brocklehurst offers E10 for 171.5 cents per litre, and United Dubbo East provides Unleaded 91 at 174.5 cents per litre. Mobil Dubbo offers Premium 95 at 187.5 cents per litre, while Shell Tas Petroleum Cambridge (unmanned) offers Diesel for 194.9 cents per litre. Shell Brocklehurst also offers Premium 98 for 195.5 cents per litre, and Mobil Dubbo provides Premium Diesel at 196.5 cents per litre.

Thank you for choosing FuelRadar, your trusted platform to find the best fuel prices anytime. Remember to download our app at https://fuelradar.com.au for easy access to real-time fuel prices in Dubbo, NSW.

Stay fueled and have a safe journey!


The FuelRadar Team