2024-02-03 – Penrith, NSW

Fuel Type Petrol Station Price (cents per litre)
LPG Metro Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown 85.9
E10 Metro Bonnyrigg 173.9
Unleaded 91 Metro Bonnyrigg 176.9
Diesel United Petroleum Kemps Creek 183.7
Premium Diesel Costco Marsden Park (Members only) 184.7
Premium 95 Metro Bonnyrigg 189.9
Premium 98 Apex Petroleum Kemps Creek – Truck Facilities 196.7

Finding the cheapest fuel in Penrith, NSW is now easier than ever with FuelRadar. Here are the latest fuel prices in the area as of today’s date, allowing you to make informed decisions and save money at the pump.

For LPG fuel, the Metro Sunnyholt Rd Blacktown station offers the lowest price at 85.9 cents per litre. For E10 and Unleaded 91, the Metro Bonnyrigg station provides the most affordable option at 173.9 cents per litre and 176.9 cents per litre, respectively. Diesel fuel can be found at the United Petroleum Kemps Creek station for 183.7 cents per litre. The Costco Marsden Park (Members only) station offers Premium Diesel at 184.7 cents per litre. If you prefer Premium 95, the Metro Bonnyrigg station has it for 189.9 cents per litre. Lastly, Premium 98 can be found at the Apex Petroleum Kemps Creek – Truck Facilities station for 196.7 cents per litre.

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