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Dear FuelRadar users,

Today, we bring you the latest update on the cheapest fuel prices in Port Macquarie, NSW. Discover where you can save on your next fill-up and get the most out of your budget. As your trusted fuel price advisor, we strive to provide you with accurate information to ensure you make informed decisions.

Fuel Prices in Port Macquarie, NSW – 06/12/2023

Petrol Station Price (cents per litre) Fuel Type
EG Ampol Port Macquarie 119.9 LPG
Mobil Ocean Drive 185.5 E10
BP Kingston Tas 185.9 Unleaded 91
Independent Port Macquarie 197.9 Premium 95
Independent Port Macquarie 199.9 Diesel
Mobil Ocean Drive 199.9 Premium Diesel
Riverview Service Centre 208.1 Premium 98

As of the date of this update, our data indicates the above prices for the respective fuel types at the mentioned petrol stations. Please note that fuel prices are subject to change and it’s always advisable to check before filling up.

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