South Coast, NSW Fuel Prices – 11/02/2024

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
Coles Express Bega E10 191.9c
Coles Express Bega Unleaded 91 193.9c
Ampol Bega Depot Diesel 204.9c
Ampol Bega Depot Premium Diesel 207.9c
EG Ampol Bega Premium 95 210.9c
Ampol Bega Depot Premium 98 214.9c

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On 11/02/2024, the following petrol stations in South Coast, NSW are offering competitive fuel prices:

  1. Coles Express Bega is offering E10 at 191.9c per litre, and Unleaded 91 at 193.9c per litre.
  2. Ampol Bega Depot is offering Diesel at 204.9c per litre, and Premium Diesel at 207.9c per litre.
  3. EG Ampol Bega is offering Premium 95 at 210.9c per litre.
  4. Ampol Bega Depot is also offering Premium 98 at 214.9c per litre.

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