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We are excited to provide you with the latest update on the cheapest fuel prices in Southeast Sydney, NSW. Our goal is to help you find the best fuel prices anytime, anywhere, and that is why we recommend using the FuelRadar app. With our app, you can easily locate the closest petrol stations with the lowest prices and save money on every refill. Download the FuelRadar app at and start saving today!

Now, let’s dive into the current fuel prices in the Southeast Sydney area:

Petrol Station Price (cents per litre) Fuel Type
Metro Yagoona 104.9c LPG
Speedway Revesby 172.5c E10
Speedway Revesby 174.5c Unleaded 91
Powerfuel 183.5c Diesel
Metro Fuel Haberfield 184.9c Premium Diesel
Metro Marrickville 192.9c Premium 95
Speedway Revesby 198.5c Premium 98

Please note that these prices are accurate as of today’s date – 12/02/2024. For the most up-to-date prices and to explore more fuel stations, we encourage you to use the FuelRadar app.

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