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The Blue Mountains, NSW (01/12/2023)

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
Caltex Colo Heights LPG 125.9
BILPIN PETROLEUM Unleaded 91 185.9
Caltex Colo Heights Diesel 197.9
BILPIN PETROLEUM Premium Diesel 199.9
Caltex Colo Heights Premium 95 206.9
Caltex Colo Heights Premium 98 216.9

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Today’s date and location: 01/12/2023 – The Blue Mountains, NSW

In The Blue Mountains, NSW, Caltex Colo Heights offers the lowest prices for LPG and Diesel, priced at 125.9c and 197.9c per litre, respectively. Meanwhile, BILPIN PETROLEUM is your go-to station for Unleaded 91 and Premium Diesel, with prices standing at 185.9c and 199.9c per litre.

For those seeking higher-grade fuels, Caltex Colo Heights takes the lead again with Premium 95 and Premium 98 priced at 206.9c and 216.9c per litre, respectively.

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