Where to Find the Cheapest Fuel in The Blue Mountains, NSW

As a spokesperson for FuelRadar, we are excited to bring you the latest update on fuel prices in The Blue Mountains, NSW. Our mission is to help you find the best fuel prices anytime, anywhere. To make your search easier, we recommend using the FuelRadar app at https://fuelradar.com.au.

Today’s Fuel Prices – The Blue Mountains, NSW (26/01/2024)

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
Caltex Colo Heights LPG 125.9
BILPIN PETROLEUM Unleaded 91 179.9
Caltex Colo Heights Diesel 188.9
BILPIN PETROLEUM Premium Diesel 190.9
Caltex Colo Heights Premium 95 198.9
Caltex Colo Heights Premium 98 208.9

For your convenience, we have provided the prices in cents per litre for each fuel type. To access more details and get directions to each petrol station, simply click on the station names above to visit the FuelRadar website.

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