Wollongong, NSW: Fuel Prices Update

Date: 07/01/2024

Petrol Station Fuel Type Price (cents per litre)
EG Ampol Warilla LPG 103.9
Metro Wollongong E10 167.9
Metro Wollongong Unleaded 91 169.9
NPG Albion Park Rail Diesel 174.9
Enhance Albion Park Premium Diesel 174.9
Ampol Somerset Premium 95 183.9
Enhance West Wollongong Premium 98 189.9

At FuelRadar, we strive to provide you with the best fuel prices anytime, anywhere. Today in Wollongong, NSW, we bring you the latest updates on fuel prices in the area.

When it comes to LPG, the cheapest option can be found at EG Ampol Warilla with a price of 103.9 cents per litre.

If you’re looking for E10, Metro Wollongong offers it at 167.9 cents per litre.

For Unleaded 91, Metro Wollongong also provides the cheapest option, priced at 169.9 cents per litre.

When it comes to Diesel, the best price can be found at NPG Albion Park Rail with a price of 174.9 cents per litre.

For Premium Diesel, Enhance Albion Park offers it at the same price, 174.9 cents per litre.

For Premium 95, the cheapest option is available at Ampol Somerset with a price of 183.9 cents per litre.

Lastly, for Premium 98, you can head to Enhance West Wollongong where it is priced at 189.9 cents per litre.

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